5 Things You Need to Do to Hire the Right Dental CPA


As a dental professional, you have one priority: to make sure your patient’s health is as good as it can be. Unfortunately, running a successful dental clinic requires so much more from you than just ensuring your patient’s oral health is great. Other things like billing, invoicing, and more need to be tackled properly, and with so many things on your hands, you might find yourself lacking the time and energy needed to tackle the financial side of things. Fortunately, this is where dental CPAs come in!

As their name implies, a dental CPA is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) who specializes in providing accounting, tax, and financial services to dental practices. Dental CPAs help dentists, and other dental professionals manage their practices more efficiently and effectively by providing sound financial advice. They can help with everything from bookkeeping to tax filing to developing business plans.

That said, there are many dental CPAs to pick from, and not all of them can meet your needs. So, to ensure you put the time and effort into hiring the right dental CPA, here’s what you need to do:

1. Identify Your Needs

The first step is to identify your needs. What services do you need from a dental CPA? Do you need help with bookkeeping, payroll, taxes, and more? Is there any specialization that your dental clinic requires? By asking yourself those questions and understanding your needs, you can better narrow down your search and find a CPA that specializes in those areas.

2. Research Potential Candidates

Once you know your needs, it’s time to start researching potential candidates. Look for CPAs that specialize in the dental field and have experience working with practices like yours. Read online reviews, check with the Better Business Bureau, and ask for client references.

3. Ask the Right Questions

When you’ve narrowed down your list of potential CPAs, reach out to them and ask them the right questions. Make sure to ask about their experience, the services they provide, and the fees they charge. You should also ask them how they keep their clients informed and if they have any specialties that can benefit your practice. Knowing those things will help you better understand what you can expect from a CPA and know whether they fit your practice or not.

4. Get a Written Estimate

Once you’ve found a few CPAs that meet your needs, get a written estimate from each one. This will help you compare the costs of different accounting firms and make sure you’re getting the best value for your money. Remember, do not go for the cheapest option. Rather, opt for one that you can afford and offers you the most bang for your buck!

5. Make Your Decision

After you’ve done your research and compared prices, it’s time to make your decision. Make sure to choose a CPA that is knowledgeable, experienced, and has a good reputation. You should also make sure they are a good fit for your practice and that you feel comfortable working with them.


There you have it! If you find yourself struggling to overcome your financial problems and challenges with your dental practice, be sure to reach out to a dental CPA. But of course, follow the tips we’ve shared above, as that’ll help you find the right CPA to ensure your finances are handled and recorded properly for the benefit of your clinic.

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