Why You Can Save on Taxes by Hiring a Dental Accountant

dental accountant

Have you ever been frustrated with a businessperson who had good intentions but lacked your practice’s perspective and depth of knowledge? When they partner with outsiders to assist in streamlining their business, many people in the dental field express irritation on this subject.

In addition to being more knowledgeable about your line of business, an industry-specific advisor will be able to provide targeted insight faster and with greater consideration than general CPAs and consultants. 

A company that focuses on the dentistry business may help you reduce your tax liability, adjust to and benefit from new rules and regulations, and gain insight into common data and industry changes.

Additionally, a company with expertise in your area will be able to assist you in benchmarking against other effective practices, so you can understand where you stand. An advisor can help put you on the road to financial and management changes if your practice’s financial ratios and other features aren’t typical of a successful one.

Learn more about the financial management services a dental accountant may provide for your dental office in the sections below.

Saving Time with a Dental Accountant

A specialized accountant does more than just supply basic figures, in contrast to an accounting computer software. For the data to be organized and presented in a practical fashion, you’ll need a CPA unless you or a member of your staff has prior experience in dental accounting. 

A competent dental CPA will complete many more steps than a computer program could. Your dental accountant will use those reports to analyze, diagnose, and plan in order to keep your business operating as efficiently as possible, just as you do to treat your patients.

Your needs will determine the services your CPA offers. You could just require tax returns to be prepared. However, if you want to get the most out of a professional accountant, they may also provide you with greater security, tax planning, and knowledgeable business counsel. 

Keep in mind that a good dental CPA may provide you peace of mind while saving you time and money.

Saving Money on Taxes

The cost difference between purchasing a dentist’s chair and having one repaired is significant in the domain of taxes. Tax laws regarding purchasing and maintaining automobiles, machines, and dental equipment differently, which could result in a 13 percent tax expense or savings.

An expert dental accountant will be aware of the distinctions and be able to guide you toward the most tax-effective method of purchasing dental supplies and equipment. Dental accountants are expected to be familiar with dental practices to ensure you and your practice are well cared for.

Differentiating between Cash Flow and Profit

Financial reports are not something that many dental accountants are very knowledgeable about. As a result, mistakes are made when they advise their clients on the possible cash flow based on the firm’s profits. 

Complex cash flow predictions are actually necessary to determine a company’s cash availability. If cash flow is calculated based on profits, it ignores future expenses like tax payments, debtor payments, bad debts, and so forth. 

A practice’s cash flow may quickly deteriorate as a result of this. An experienced accountant will be able to give you cash flow projections that won’t put your company out of business.


The greatest dental accountants are those that have a thorough understanding of how businesses operate. Their suggestions consider the broader commercial ramifications because they are aware of the practice owner’s attitude and decision-making process. 

New dental equipment purchases affect more than just the practice’s financial flow. It also affects the practice owner’s personal life because poor choices may leave them unable to pay their financial responsibilities.

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