How to Analyze & Control Overspending in Your Dental Practice

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Human resources, tax filing, contracts, and insurance are all responsibilities of dental firm owners. These factors, if ignored, can stymie company progress and pose major issues.

Accounting necessitates the keeping of accurate accounting records. Accurate bookkeeping facilitates investment planning and cash flow management. After all, a company’s viability is determined by its documents.

A number of business owners must undertake a tiresome procedure before their CPA can file taxes. With clean records, you may do more than just file your tax return on time. It detects fraud, tracks corporate growth, and identifies wasteful spending.

The Importance of Understanding and Utilizing Accounting Ledgers

When it comes to your dental practice, it is critical to record both profits and losses, compare income and expenses, as well as review balance sheets on a regular basis. These are the critical documents you must understand and utilize today.

  • The Balance Sheet

A balance sheet is a picture of a company’s assets, liabilities, and equity. A balance sheet is created after a period of time (e.g., quarterly or annually). Balance sheets are divided into two columns. The assets of the company are on the left. Right: the owner’s liabilities and equity.

A business owner’s balance sheet reflects the health of the organization. Other than the owner, the balance statement is scrutinized. When you apply for finance, lenders, investors, partners, and buyers will analyze your practice selling strategy.

  • The Profit & Loss Statements

Profit and loss statements (P&Ls) are financial statements that summarize a company’s income and expenses. In this statement, revenues are converted into net income.

Your statement’s P&L section is broken into two parts:

  1. Direct expenses are associated with production. With more patients, lab costs, supplies, hygiene, and chairside pay will rise.
  2. Fixed costs are company-specific and consistent, regardless of production. The monthly cost of building rent, insurance, pension, and subscriptions is the same regardless of production.

You can use this to uncover overspending or growth by tracking direct and fixed expenses.

The Importance Of Keeping Finances Organized

A disorganized profit and loss statement is ineffective, whether administered by an employee or the firm owner. Five pages of expenditure categories is a lot. Keeping track of personal spending, for example, allows you to comprehend the big picture by categorizing expenditures. Inapplicable products will be avoided.

A well-organized P&L allows you to review your company on a yearly basis. Anomalies and trends can be identified.

Monthly assessments are also critical. You might forget some things by the end of the year. You will remember paying your yearly insurance payments if they were large last month. Given your schedule, it is unlikely that you will remember every detail at the end of the year.

A CPA cannot construct your tax estimates proactively if your books are not up to date. They will not strategize if you simply prepare them for six to nine months.

Consider Outsourcing Your Accounting Services

The organization aids in the detection of fraud. With this, financial statements should be reviewed by a professional to ensure that all categories are consistently reported. At the same time, bank and payroll reconciliations are made monthly to keep the owner in touch with cash. 

If your books are precise and orderly, your tax preparer will have an easier time filing your tax return, especially without costly errors. Outsourcing professional account services reduce the amount of time and money spent on tax preparation.


Perhaps it is all about having an extra pair of eyes and an extra set of hands to help you deal with overspending in your dental practice. Thankfully, accounting professionals are efficient and strategic, and they have the skills to see where your finances stand (and improve). By getting the help you need, you recognize changes immediately, and your profits increase in both the short and long term.

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